the Depot of Saint Libory, Nebrasaka

The NSRC granted permission to the U.P on April 11, 1962, to discontinue its agent and close its station at St. Libory, with Mr. Plake then being the manager. The depot was relocated by the Williams Brothers House movers of Hastings. The building was moved in September 1964, according to Gary Williams. The actual moving was accomplished in one day.

Saint Libory Depot ca.1960s

According to Mike Nielsen, elevator manager as of July 1979, the depot was gutted inside, with all partitions removed to make the building one large room for the storage it is used for. He did not remember the structure as having had a bay window in it. Most doors and windows were boarded over while the building had been tinned over on two sides. Nielsen did not recall what happened to the St. Libory signboards, though he supposed they were around someplace.

It would appear the depot was painted in the old U.P. yellow and brown paint scheme after the structure's windows and doors had been boarded over.